FM-Classic 1.9 Beta 2

an open-source HTML template engine
for Java servlets

FM-Classic provides an easy way to get data from Java servlets into Web pages, and helps you keep graphic design separate from application logic. To use it, you encapsulate HTML in templates. These get compiled for you into Template objects, which generate HTML dynamically, using data provided by your servlets. The template language is powerful and intuitive, the compiler is fast, and the output approaches the speed of static HTML pages.

The download page contains the latest version of FM-Classic for Java 1.2 and Java 1.5.

The FM-Classic project continues the codebase of the FreeMarker 1.x releases. The FreeMarker project continues to develop FreeMarker 2.x. This can be found at the FreeMarker project site.

This library is free software, released under the GNU Library Public License of the Free Software Foundation.

This project is hosted by SourceForge.